English, Films

First Man (2018)

One giant leap into the unknown.


It’s morning, the Moon is still visible behind the tree branches. In a house full of people, a small boy asks his dad if he wants to play. “I have to help your mother” he answers. The boy goes away disappointed. The father walks around the house, closing windows, putting away notebooks, and finally sits down on a desk. He starts to cry. Armstrong’s daughter has just died. He opens a drawer and puts his daughter’s bracelet inside. As the drawer closes, Justin Hurwitz’s score starts. We see a cabin in the middle of the woods. Neil tells his wife that must go to work. He must continue with his life. Despite everything that has happened and will happen, he eventually ends up as a crew member of the Apollo 11. As the spacecraft is descending on the Moon, we hear again the same musical theme. Once on the surface, Armstrong looks at the Earth above. Finally, he pulls out his daughter’s bracelet and throws it into a crater. Ultimately, in spite of showing the greatest voyage of humankind, this is a story about a man dealing with the grief of losing a child.


Official Trailer
Official Trailer 2
Official Trailer 3

Behind the Scenes

Making of The Score
The Editing and Sound
The Vision
The Music


Golden Globes


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